October 28, 2008


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  1. Hi there! Thanks for your comments on the dried fish..wow interesting mention of what you guys eat in the Philippines..sound yummy. I have a question though what's cocoa porridge? What does it taste like?

  2. Hi there...good thing i checked if there's any comment on this blog and i found yours. I don't know what happened with my email alert for comments. Anyway, cocoa porridge is what we call here as "Champorado". Have you by any chance know congee or tried it? It's a little similar to congee (rice/sticky rice+lotsawater to make it like a soup or semi-soup) but the difference is that champorado has a semi-sweet, semi-bitter taste because of adding cocoa and sugar depending on your desired sweetness. When it's served we put milk to add up with the taste (can be powder but best with evaporated milk). It's like a chocolate rice porridge. haha Sorry it's kinda hard to explain by words, it's easier to cook it! I think the easiest and nearest way for you to try it is to make an oatmeal+cocoa+sugar+milk. We're just fond of pairing dried fishes with it because of the contrast. The Sweet choco porridge with salty and crunchy coordinate. You might find it pretty weird but it's a hit here. Hope this very long answer didn't jumble your mind. :) If you wish to know more about our dishes in my country, feel free to email me on jifdesigncreations@yahoo.com

    Thanks again for always checking our blogs!


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