June 11, 2009

Flavored Rice Dish

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  1. Maybe you should try the dish anne! Do you like eating rice?

  2. wow, here i am, thinking what to cook for tonight :) would have to try this Ayie, thanks for sharing.

    PS....only if you have some time, please check The Salitype Society , it is a new blog I and a group of friends formed together hoping that all our cooperative effort in blogging can generate as much income to support a child :) thanks, Ayie. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hi Betchai!! so you'll do this dish tonight? I'm having tofu steak later.

    I saw your other blog (that explains why tes also has that) but haven't left a comment yet. I just had a peek coz I was just checking something quick. I'll have a better check tomorrow, I'm back blogging on weekdays and weekends off. =) I'll definitely check it out since it's to help somebody.

    Have a good day!!!

  4. thanks a lot Ayie for stopping over our site, and also leaving us with warm comments :) yeah, i had the flavored rice and tofu steak, but only i had the shrimp paste in my rice, while my hubby has the flavored rice without the shrimp paste.

  5. Oh I love shrimp paste (hehe bagoong isn't it?) over hot steaming rice or I make calamari with mixed veggies and bagoong fried rice. You're making me hungry with all this bagoong.

  6. Cherie, ako din!! but too early for lunch =)


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