June 15, 2009

Roasted Pepper Salad

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  1. i Ayie, I was here earlier, but did lot leave a comment since I told myself I will try to roasted pepper salad first. I did it tonight, and yummy! ove this recipe,thanks for sharing. my husband loves it too and he had no anchovies. I am thinking however, my fingers are in pain right now, if it is from my typing, or from the shrimp paste last night and from the anchovies this dinner :)

  2. I have never attempted to roast peppers but I always enjoy the flavor of them in dishes.


  3. Hi Betchai, hahahaha...better be careful with your eating. See, your fingers are in pain.

    I haven't tried this specific dish yet, I'm not too fond of peppers, that's why but I will in time since my hubs loves peppers. I always just bake it with stuffing. =) Glad you like it =)

  4. Hi Anne, maybe it's time for you to try it. I tasted some eating it somewhere but not ma making it. I'm not a pepper fan but i use it for dishes too. =)

  5. Hi Ayie, thankfully, my finger pain disappeared, so had some fresh anchovies again, hehe, am not sure if you are familiar with the very small fish in the Philippines, they are like transparent and really so tiny, I made some "torta", and thankfully, no finger pain :)

    Oh, I love pepper :) I grew up with a lot of them in our backyard so I even sometimes just eat them fresh, as long as it is the sweet pepper or the bell pepper, not the spicy pepper.

  6. I like those, my family cooked traditional foods. My mom calls it not dilid e, the real tint transparent one we also eat that like torta. Mom makes it like fish patty. I think it starts with "D" but I don't remember how it's called.

    Now we use peppers here even pickled jalapeƱos and other spiciest peppers. It's a latino thing. But I don't buy much peppers now coz it's expensive here in the groceries. I plan to grow plants when we have our own place already even with a small lawn.


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