August 31, 2009


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  1. wow! pizza! who doesn't love pizza.!!!it good ant time of the day and available all year round!

    hi there ayie!

  2. oh! sorry, you might be wondering who's salitype? it's just me...eng! moving to salitype.i will forgo my other blog, poetic murmuring.

  3. hi! i'm cherie de castro's friend. i love your recipes! nice blog! i hope it's ok if i follow

  4. wenn,

    thanks for the visit! i love pizza too!

  5. Eng,

    so no more of the other blog? Thanks for informing me =)

    what i love most with pizza is that it cn have all the healthiest ingredients so it's like healthy indulgence =) right?

  6. Thinkingoutloud,

    It's my pleasure to have you here, thanks for coming over. Feel free to check out all recipes. In case you want desserts too, there's luscious treats.

    Welcome to cook it up! Thanks!

  7. ayie girl, favorite ni matthew ito. di ko pa pala nagawa ang fried tomatoes due to katam (katamaran), lol!

  8. Cherie,

    Ok lang yun, no rush with anything. Mas matrabaho yung fried tomatoes than just simply cutting it and serve. hehe the pizzette on the onther hand will be so fun to do, make your kids do their pizzas =)

  9. Ha HA, I like the name, pizza. LOL!


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