September 6, 2009

Fish with Red Peppers

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  1. fish is one thing we as family agreed the best....ha!ha!ha! my little one loves fish! i will give this one a try....

  2. Wenn,

    Not only delicious but healthy too!

  3. Eng,

    In our home we love eating fish too but here I don't serve much not unless I got supplies from Filipino Grocery coz of high mercury content. More so I have to be extra careful now that I'm expecting.

  4. aying!! so nice to hear you're expecting! 2-3 times a week na fish, okay naman basta yung maliliit lang, para safe ka. we love it, too, basta wag lang maanghang kasi yung mga bata...take care!

  5. cherie,

    hmmm, did you miss my post about the baby announcement? I'll give you the link so you can see my ultrasound there =)

    I think I will settle on bangus and tilapia and salmon. I don't really like eating other fishes na di ko kilala. =) Anyway Thanks so much! I'll take note of your tip too.

    here it is cherie:

    i wwas excited that I made a blog just for that! hehehe

  6. dolly,

    then this one you'll enjoy! thanks for the visit!

  7. Nice presentation. Makes it looks extra yummy!


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